Spree (my fave interviews)
Serving the People (Text)
Ain't It Cool News (Text)
The Slice (Text)
Borrowing Tape (Text)
Film Festival Today (Text)
Taylor J. Williams (Video)
The Kino Corner (Video)

Wobble Palace
NY Times Critics Pick
The New Yorker
Filmmaker Magazine
LA Times
The Observer
Film Comment
The Playlist
The Verge
Roger Ebert
Film Threat

A Wonderful Cloud
Ain't It Cool News
Los Angeles Times
Opening Ceremony
MEL - The Tinder Hustler
The Playlist
Filmmaker Magazine
IndieWire: SXSW Breakouts
IndieWire: Filmmaker Springboard
No Film School
Filmmaker Magazine - Think Piece

0s & 1s
Village Voice
New York Times
Thought Catalog
The Creators Project

Music Videos
Pitchfork - Top Music Videos of 2013
The Fader - Video Directors to Watch in 2014
Thump/Vice - Samo Sound Boy "Your Love"
Bullett - Shine 2009 "Older"
Stereogum - Julia Holter "This is a True Heart"

Slava — Girl Like Me
dis Magazine
Director's Statement (tl;dr)

Feast of Burden
Art in America
Interview with Post-New
LA Weekly
Interview with ReFashioner
Double Exposure
New York Times' T Magazine
LA Weekly Red Carpet Coverage
Interview Magazine Red Carpet Coverage

SkyDiver aka Instructional Video #4: Preparation for Mission
In-Depth Interview with Bullett Magazine
Masters of Media
The Neave
Video Vortex

Comprehensive Interview with Adam Humphreys for Thought Catalog + American Intrigue re: Life
Interview with Indie Outlook - re: On the occassion of 0s & 1s 2012 West Coast Engagements
Interview with Altscreen.com - re: 0s & 1s as part of reRun Theater's 1-Year Retrospective
IM Interview with The Huffington Post - re: 0s & 1s Theatrical Premiere
Interview with B'more Musically Informed - re: 0s & 1s Festival Premiere